How to Make Ramen Carbonara at Home

Ready for a culinary adventure? Try making Ramen Carbonara at home with our foolproof recipe. Quick, delicious, unforgettable!🍜🍝

The kitchen is more than simply a location to make conventional meals; it’s also a playground for culinary fusion.

Inspired by the soothing warmth of Japanese ramen and the rich, creamy tastes of Italian carbonara, I set out to combine these two famous meals.

This post will reveal the secrets to making a delicious Ramen Carbonara at home, merging the east and west in your bowl.

Overview of Ramen Carbonara

Ramen Carbonara is a culinary symphony, harmonizing Japanese ramen’s salty, savoury broth with the thick, creamy texture of Italian carbonara sauce.

Unlike the classic pasta carbonara, this dish uses ramen noodles for a unique twist, adding a new dimension to an age-old favourite.

Get ready to experience a fusion dish that satisfies cravings for both Italian and Japanese comfort foods. Ingredients for Your Ramen Carbonara

To embark on this fusion journey, you’ll need:

  • Ramen noodles (2 packets)
  • Bacon or pork belly, sliced
  • Fresh eggs (2 large)
  • Grated Parmesan or Pecorino cheese
  • Freshly ground black pepper
  • Optional: garlic, onions, mushrooms, or any preferred veggies
  • Substitute the bacon with shiitake mushrooms for a vegetarian version, and feel free to use gluten-free ramen if needed.

Step-by-Step Guide to Making Ramen Carbonara

1. Preparing Your Ingredients

ramen carbonara recipieBegin with preparation to ensure a seamless cooking experience. Chop the bacon or pancetta, chop the garlic, and grate the cheese.

All other components should be measured and kept readily available. This mise en place, or setup, is essential for efficient cooking.

2. Cooking the Ramen Noodles

ramen carbonara recipieBoil the ramen noodles according to package instructions, but slightly undercook them by a minute or two for an al dente texture; they will continue cooking in the sauce later. Drain and set aside, keeping some noodle water for the sauce.

3. Crafting the Perfect Carbonara Sauce

ramen carbonara recipieWhile the noodles cook, mix the eggs and shredded cheese until well incorporated. In a skillet, saute the diced bacon or pancetta until crispy, then add the garlic and sauté quickly.

Remove from the heat and allow it to cool slightly before adding the egg mixture to avoid scrambling.

4. Combining Ingredients for Ultimate Flavor

ramen carbonara recipieTo avoid scrambling the eggs:

  • Swiftly and effectively combine the slightly cooled bacon and garlic with the egg and cheese combination.
  • Toss the heated, drained noodles in the pan until well coated with the creamy sauce.
  • For the right smooth consistency, add a dash of conserved noodle water.

5. Final Touches and Serving Suggestions

ramen carbonara recipieServe the Ramen Carbonara hot, topped with grated cheese, freshly ground black pepper, and chopped green onions or parsley.

Add your favourite veggies or a sprinkle of chilli flakes for extra heat. You can enjoy it for breakfast with Japanese Fruit Sando.

Why Does Ramen Carbonara Recipe Always Work?

  • Curly quick-cooked ramen noodles were flash-fried. Because they’ve previously been cooked, they rehydrate rapidly, and the process also incorporates some oil into the noodles, resulting in a creamy sauce. 
  • Once the noodles have been split, turn off the heat to allow them to rehydrate without losing too much liquid via evaporation. 
  • By cooking the noodles in a small amount of water, you’ll get a thick starchy liquid by the time they’re done. This, combined with the egg yolk and cheese, results in a very creamy emulsion.  


Making Ramen Carbonara at home is more than simply following a recipe; it’s exploring the core of culinary fusion. Experiment with different components, modify your preferences, and, most importantly, enjoy the process.

Share your creations or any inventive changes you’ve made to the recipe. Dive into this soothing bowl of fusion food and let the tastes take you to Italy and Japan right from the comfort of your home.

Shira Smith
Shira Smith
Shira Smith is a functional nutritionist and boasts a vast knowledge of gut health and mood disorders. She has created 500+ creative and mouth-watering recipes using nutritional and superior-quality ingredients.

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