Subway Footlong Pro Sandwiches: Everything You Need to Know About

Discover Subway Footlong Pro Sandwiches! Enjoy double the protein & customizable options with delightful protein. Elevate Subway experience!🌮

Are you hungry for a sandwich that’s satisfying and packed with flavor? Look no further than Subway Footlong Pro Sandwiches!

Have you ever wondered what makes these subs so unique and delectable? Prepare for a fantastic tour of Subway Footlong Pro Sandwiches.

In this post, Okayreview goes over all you need to know about these delicious dishes, from their irresistible components to their distinctive cooking methods.

Whether you’re a committed Subway lover or a curious eater, we’ll reveal the secrets behind these delectable footlong marvels.

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What is a Subway Footlong Pro?

subway footlong proThe Footlong Pro, Subway’s newest menu item, appeals to meat lovers and health-conscious consumers.

This protein-rich choice doubles the meat amount of a standard Footlong sandwich, offering a more substantial protein boost to complement the other fresh ingredients.

This post deconstructs the Subway Footlong Pro and addresses commonly asked concerns about this delectable product.

Customers may experience double the protein for an additional 2$ with the “Go Pro” promotion, available as a 12-inch sandwich or protein bowl.

The Footlong Pro offers a delightful and full meal experience, whether you want a sandwich or a bowl.

How Big is a Subway Footlong Pro?

The Subway Footlong Pro is the latest menu update that may have you thinking about its size.

While the name indicates something magnificent, the Footlong Pro is the same length as a standard Subway footlong sandwich, measuring 12 inches.

Don’t be deceived by the name; it’s all about the usual flavor and size you’ve come to expect.

Subway Footlong v.s Footlong Pro

Both the Subway Footlong and the Footlong Pro are the same length. However, they differ significantly.

The Footlong Pro comes with twice as much meat and cheese as a standard Footlong, but the bread, vegetables, and sauce stay the same.

This protein boost distinguishes the Footlong Pro, providing a more substantial and fulfilling meal experience with double the amount of protein (meat) than a conventional Footlong.

The Footlong Pro is an excellent option for a delicious, whole Subway sandwich if you want a protein boost.

Is Subway Footlong Pro Healthier?

Among Subway’s sandwiches, the Footlong Pro is a healthier and more filling alternative.

It has twice as much protein as ordinary footlongs, making it an excellent choice for people looking to increase their protein consumption.

Customers can remove the bread and enjoy the components as a protein bowl, significantly decreasing carbs and fats. This change makes for a more customized and healthful lunch.

Customers may double their protein, veggies, sauce, and cheese for an extra $2, whether they desire it in a sandwich or as a protein bowl.

The Subway Footlong Pro provides a wholesome and recommended option, especially for individuals with big appetites or those seeking a healthier alternative to their Subway meal choices.

How Much Protein is in a Footlong Pro?

Subway’s Footlong Pro sandwiches’ protein level is much higher than its standard footlong counterparts.

The quantity of protein in a Footlong Pro sandwich varies depending on the sandwich.

For example, a Footlong Pro Roast Beef has 72 grams of protein, nearly double that of a conventional Footlong Roast Beef.

The Subway Footlong Pro Monster has the highest protein with an impressive 114 grams, while the Footlong Pro Cold Cut Combo has the most minor protein with 51 grams.

Final Thoughts

So, now you’re a pro at Subway Footlong Pro Sandwiches!

You’ve explored the mouthwatering flavors, learned about the premium ingredients, and discovered the endless customization options. These sandwiches truly offer a delicious and satisfying experience for every taste bud.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How Much Extra Does a Footlong Pro Cost?

Ans. The Subway Footlong Pro costs $3 more than an ordinary Subway Footlong.

Considering that you’re receiving double the meat and cheese, the most expensive components of any Subway sandwich, it’s not a wrong value.

When Subway initially released the Footlong Pro, it was simply a $2 upcharge; however, because of inflation, this has been increased to $3.

Q. Can I Get the Footlong Pro in Any Subway Location?

Ans. Yes, the Footlong Pro is available at participating Subway restaurants worldwide.

However, availability varies based on location and individual restaurant, so always check with your local Subway to confirm they carry the Footlong Pro.

Q. Is the Footlong Pro Available for All Types of Subway Sandwiches?

Ans. Yes, the Footlong Pro is compatible with all Subway sandwiches. You can upgrade any Footlong sandwich to the protein-packed Footlong Pro version.

Whether you like the classic Italian B.M.T., the savory Chicken Teriyaki, or the delectable Meatball Marinara.

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