Big Leaf Plants: 10 Non-Toxic Indoor Plants With Large Leaves

Create a tropical oasis right in living room! Meet the best big leaf plants, our handpicked non-toxic selection to make your home feel like paradise.

Are you looking to add a touch of nature and fresh air to your indoor space? big leaf plants are the perfect solution!

Imagine walking into your living room and seeing these gorgeous indoor plants with their huge, eye-catching leaves convert your house into a jungle retreat.

Whether you’re an experienced plant parent or just starting, big leaf plants are ideal for making a bold and invigorating impression in any environment.

Also, the Jade plant is good for indoor plants but not for big leaf plants lovers. Furthermore, let’s check out the best big leaf plants.

This article explores the top big leaf plants, each showcasing its unique charm and leafy grandeur.

Let’s embark on this leafy adventure together with Okayreview!

10 Best Non-Toxic Big Leaf Plants for Your Indoor Space

These beautiful plants are recognized for their rich foliage and large size, making them ideal for creating a tropical mood or adding a touch of greenery to any environment.

So, prepare to enter a world of magnificent big leaf plants that are visually appealing and safe for everyone in your home to enjoy.

1. Spider Plant

big leaf plantsThe spider plant is not only a lovely addition to your home; it is also said to bring good luck and health in Eastern cultures.

NASA demonstrated its ability to filter the air by eliminating carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, Xylene, and toluene.

It requires little maintenance and thrives in well-drained soil with indirect bright sunshine. Spider plants are safe for children and pets and look beautiful in hanging baskets.

A fantastic choice for a healthy, visually attractive indoor plant!

2. African Violets

big leaf plantsThe African violet is a popular houseplant recognized for its bright white, blue, or purple blossoms.

It blooms all year if properly cared for, brightening morale during the cold. It may flourish under the right conditions despite being rather picky.

Because it is non-toxic, it is unnecessary to be concerned if dogs or children accidentally consume it.

3. Sword Fern

big leaf plantsThe Sword fern is popular in gardens, landscapes, and interiors because of its stunning look and tolerance to various situations.

These ferns thrive in shaded regions with wet, well-draining soil and may be found in coastal woods and highlands.

They need little upkeep, requiring only frequent watering and mulching to preserve moisture.

The Sword fern offers natural beauty and serenity to any situation, making it ideal as ground cover in gardens and beautiful houseplants for indoor settings with limited light.

4. Parlor Palm

big leaf plantsThe Parlour Palm is a beautiful houseplant with a tropical feel to any room. It thrives in low-light environments, such as east or north-facing windows, and requires little watering.

This low-maintenance plant is safe for dogs and children and may thrive for up to ten years with proper care.

Give it ample sunshine and keep the soil slightly damp in the spring and summer, allowing its luscious beauty to thrive.

5. Cast Iron Plant

big leaf plantsThe Cast Iron Plant is a timeless, resilient beauty for your home. It is a medium-sized houseplant that is safe for cats and dogs.

It has broad moss-green leaves and thrives in harsh environments, withstanding temperature fluctuations, dust, and smoke.

Low-maintenance plants are great for busy plant enthusiasts. Because direct sunlight might injure its leaves, place it in bright, indirect light.

6. Prayer Plant

big leaf plantsDiscover the tough and meaningful Prayer Plant, which symbolizes thanks with its leaf-folding at night that resembles praying hands.

This plant thrives in bright, indirect light and high humidity and comes in various colors, including Red, Marisela, Kim, Green, and Black.

The Prayer Plant is a delightful addition to any interior environment, offering tranquility and natural beauty. It is safe for children and dogs.

7. Christmas Cactus

big leaf plantsThe Christmas Cactus is an easy-to-grow plant that thrives with regular hydration and bright light near a window.

It cleans the air and releases oxygen, making it ideal for use in the bedroom.

It’s also non-toxic to pets, making it a safe and lovely addition to your house.

8. Areca Palm

big leaf plantsDiscover the gorgeous and pet-friendly Areca Palm, a huge houseplant that grows 6-12 feet tall. It prefers wet soil and bright, direct light and requires frequent trimming.

It not only adds natural beauty to your house but also cleanses the air by removing dangerous pollutants such as acetone, Xylene, and toluene.

Replace hazardous plants like Sago Palms and Japanese Yew with this beautiful, harmless alternative.

9. Moth Orchids

big leaf plantsMoth Orchids are surprisingly low-maintenance plants that thrive in low light and tolerate mild soil dryness between waterings.

Their beautiful flowers persist for months and come in a variety of colors.

These orchids are safe to maintain around humans and dogs so that you may enjoy their beauty without concern.

Moth Orchids bring beauty to any interior environment with their brilliant and long-lasting flowers and require little care.

10. Alocasia

big leaf plantsAlocasia, often called Elephant’s Ear, is an enticing and popular tropical houseplant pet owner should avoid.

While its eye-catching design makes it an appealing addition to any interior environment, it can be dangerous to curious dogs.

If cats and dogs consume the plant’s leaves, they may experience irritation or burning sensations in their mouth, lips, or tongue.

Closing Words

Big leaf plants are ideal green companions for any interior area, adding beauty and safety to your house.

With their enormous, eye-catching leaves and non-toxic qualities, these plants provide a touch of nature to your home without jeopardizing the security of your family and pets.

So why not add some leafy charm to your living spaces? Embrace the lush world of big leaf plants and experience the joy of a vibrant and toxin-free indoor garden today!

Devin Grey
Devin Grey
Devin Grey has been a horticulturist, herbalist, and master gardener for almost 25 years. He has gained expertise in landscape design, sustainable farming, permaculture, and horticulture therapy.

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